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Ladies are you tired of thinking you chose Mr. Right but you really chose Mr. Hell Nah, Mr. Never Again, or Mr. Lose My Damn Number?


If your current dating methods have not been working, I’m sorry love, it’s time to try something new.

This is not a male bashing book, but a book that allows you to strategically stake your claim on the dating scene, find love grounded in truth and sincerity, and feel empowered to have a healthy relationship or leave a horrible one.

After putting this book down, you will be able to detect a good man from a wolf in a suit.


I was the serial dating queen back in the day. It seemed like every year my relationship status was changing on Facebook and I had a different #MCM every time I turned around.

Unfortunately I have had relationships or situationships with more wolves than I would like to admit. Only to feel deflated, like I had wasted my time, talent, sex tricks (I still have many up my sleeve), and love with men who didn’t deserve it.

Besides my first hand dating experience I also have a Bachelor in Sociology, the study of people and a minor in Psychology, the study of the mind and behavior from Savannah State University.

This allows me to understand and explain the underlying reasons of people’s behavior which often has more to do with their insecurities and less to do with what you are lacking. Throughout the book I will keep it real about what women go through while dating, how you dug yourself in that relationship hole, and how to move forward.

The worst feeling is to feel that you have wasted your time on a guy, and humiliated that you broadcasted your relationship to friends, family, exes, and frenemies on social media only to have to relationship end. I've been there before! I want you to learn from my experiences and mistakes so that you can prepare yourself to have a wonderful relationship instead of on the wrong side of a bad one!

So grab some wine, schedule some me time, and learn how to stop old dating behaviors that hinder your growth and start learning how to find and enjoy the type of relationship you desire and deserve!

Wolves in Suits

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